thumb|250px|right 1. Well, in order to act normal, one must have patients. Whenever someone does something that one doesn't like, you just don't throw a tantrum. You must be calm about things and sort them out in a proper way. Don't take your anger out on others, or yourself. Just write down your feelings on a letter, then throw it away. It really works, because I've heard people saying that on televsion. This video will give you an example of what NOT to do.

thumb|250px|right 2. Normal people use something called "manners". You can't just pass gas, or express signs of bad behaviour! No, normal people apply these manners into their lives to ask properly to go to the bathroom, or to eat properly at a table. Normal people respect others! If you pass gas on live T.V, do you expect to be respected? So, learn your manners and respect others! Watch this video, it teaches you what NOT to do.

thumb|250px|right 3. If someone knocks on your door, and happens to have a camera, consider yourself lucky. Even if you don't know them, display a nice, warm, and welcoming hello! If you know them, invite them in for some coffee and newsprint! Don't take out a stick and start beating them! Don't shoo them away! Don't curse at them! This video will give you an example of what you shouldn't do.

Expressing a normal helloEdit

Phrases like "hey, how are ya" or "how great is this weather" will start a friendly conversation. If your aiming for politics, you should aim for something near the lines of "it's a good thing I'm middle class!" or probably "this country needs some help."

Whenever you invite a friend to your house, gentley open your door when you here them knock and say "oh, come in, come in!" Things like "mi casa es su casa" or "great, we have some food cooking too" are bad ideas, as "mi casa es su casa" is too foreign and "great, we have some food cooking too" will rouse up suspision, as they don't know if they are going to like what you're making

Always talk in the common language. So if you live is france, speak french. You don't want to sound abnormally foreign to to others!

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