Normal House

Normal House

1. A normal house would usually be a townhouse or a cookie cutter. Either or doesn't matter, the importance is that you have a house. Make sure it is plain in color, and that it includes white.

2. For the interior, your going to need a couch. Place it next to a wall. Now, add plainly colored pillows (note* no patterns for anything). If you have a green couch, add light green pillows.

3. Now, add a glass coffee table. On the coffee table add a patternless vase (if you have a green couch, add a light green vase). Next to the vase, place a good book or a miami herald newsprint. Don't forget the flowers for the vase (flowers must be white in every occasion).

4. Your television must be a flast screen. No one wants an oddly shaped "box" sitting around in their living room! Make sure to place the black flat screen on a (color of your theme) bookshelf. In the bookshelf, keep your dvds and cds.

4. For your dining room table, make sure it is wooden. You also want it shiny. Keep in mind some plainly colored plate matts, and a plainly colored vase for the center of the table.

5. For your kitchen, keep it nice and clean. I highly recomend granite material.

6. For your room, keep your bed (any size) next to a window. Make sure your room is plain in color. If you have green walls, then its green bedsheets for you! NO POSTERS! If you want something on your wall, make sure it's a portrait or a picture of something. If you don't have any pictures or portraits, simply add a plain construction paper onto the wall. Green walls: light green construction paper.

7. Keep your office nice and plane. Make sure your desk is nice and tidy. Add a plain color to the walls.

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