Hi, I'm Carl, and I'm normal!

1. In order to look normal, you must be willing to learn. First of all, you must never go somewhere unshowered. Always shower before visiting someone, or going out to a place. Remember to use your soap/body wash along with shampoo/conditioner!

2. Remember to comb your hair. You must have a hair style, because if you don't, people will start to ask you "what hairstyle is that". When someone asks you that, it is abnormal because that means you have a hairstyle that is too dull or flashy. You need to be right in the middle when it comes to hair.

3.Brush your teeth, since your goal is to have a normal smile.

4. When it comes to clothing, wear something simple, like a shirt and jeans with shoes. When you have to wear something formal, wear a dressy shirt with black pants. Don't forget to tuck in your shirt! Wearing a tie is optional. Please keep in mind that shoes must be normal; sneakers, slip-ons, or converse.

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