Normal Ipod

A Normal Ipod.

Well, one can listen to music! Just don't put music who's lyrics you don't understand. That is a no-no, as that isn't normal. You must put music that you find regulary normal. For example; if you like instrumental, then go with lyric-less jazz or classic. If you like rock then listen to alternitive rock, as it is more understandable.

It is relaxing to listen to music while reading (even though I don't do that). For people who like Japanese Comics, you can read and listen to music at the same time (again, I seriously don't do that).

Drawing/Painting can also be done with some normal music. With this, I suggest listening to piano music while your draw. Instead of using the abnormally loud radio, why not use your normally stable I-Pod. Apart from it being more expensive, it has much more uses instead of abnormal buttons (comparing an i-pod and a radio).

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